We can all face problems that seem difficult, complicated, challenging or intimidating. At the Kongolese Centre for Information & Advice, we believe no one should have to face these problems without good quality, independent advice.

People rely on us because we’re independent and totally impartial. All of our advice and guidance is provided with strict confidentiality.

Who We Help

Since 2000, KCIA has been supporting French, Portuguese and Lingala speaking individuals and families by providing representation and advice in immigration and asylum law, housing, education, health advocacy and interpreting/translation. These services are free to people who are eligible and at competitive rate for others. Find out more about our work here.

Get Help

Appointments are made from 13.30 to 16.30 throughout the week excluding Mondays and Thursdays. We accept appointments from individuals or from referring agencies.

To get help, please contact us


Some of our clients have described the advice service by saying:

“Very practical, cheerful and helpful which was just what I needed.”

“Thank you very much for the best way you have chosen to be of great help to myself and my family on the issue”

“Thank you very much for helping me on this matter. It has been priceless.”

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You can support our work by volunteering, partnering or donating to our charity. Find out more here.

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