Women's Group

The Women’s Group has been running on weekly basis with the aim to compact isolation, improve the health and overall wellbeing of asylum-seeking and refugee women who have experienced gender–based violence and trauma. The Group has been the hop of many activities within the project and created an stimulating social network between women from different countries. They chat, exchange ideas, learn about their health, relax in a kind and equal space and support and learn from each other to overcome challenges that occur in the host community. 

One of the biggest problems of being a migrant or refugee in other country is the language barrier, the difficulty of communicating and expressing their necessities, so this is the aim of the Kongo Learn ESOL Project; integrate migrants and refugees with the local community by helping them improve their communication skills. 

Our Aim 
To work with asylum seekers and refugees so that they can play a full role in society and achieve a better quality of life. 

How We Help 
Our staff and volunteers welcome visitors and offer advice on: 
Asylum and immigration 

  1. Housing 
  2. Benefits and social services 
  3. Debt and managing money 
  4. Translation and interpreting 
  5. Administrative problems 

We also offer English language support on a Drop In basis, basic literacy ESOL (English as a second language) classes and a counselling service. 
Project London (Doctors of the World) clinic is currently under review. 
Where and When