Kongolese Centre for Information & Advice (KCIA) was established in 2000 but formalised in 2002. We are a London (Westminster Borough) based charity organisation offering free legal advice and support to disadvantaged people in our community living in the UK. 

Our mission is to ensure that disadvantaged people from ethnic origin in the UK have access to high quality advice, information and support. We believe that people are disadvantaged if they face economic, language, or cultural barriers which prevent them from properly accessing mainstream services in the UK.
We provide specialist services on legal and social welfare issues and develop an information service to support organisational development, policy and research relating to the Chinese community. 

The Kongolese Centre for Information and Advice (KCIA) provides free information, advice and support to disadvantaged African French and Portuguese speakers communities living in London in particular and in the UK in general. This includes supporting women and children who are victims, or at risk of domestic violence, working with prisoners to help reduce re-offending, and legal advice on issues such as employment, immigration, asylum and homelessness. Kongolese people are often disadvantaged by not being able to access services or justice because of language and cultural barriers. To help people overcome these barriers, our staff can work with service users in English, French and Portuguese.

The organisation has been supporting refugees and ethnic minorities people across the United Kingdom since 2000 and is located in Harrow Road. The organisation is a registered charity and organises a range of cultural and social activities and partnership work with other local community organisations and agencies for the benefit of the community.